Tepezcohuite cream

The tepezcohuite cream enjoys excellent reputation as a skin regenerator

Tepezcohuite cream

Tepezcohuite is used to treat acne and psoriasis.

Tepezcohuite skin cream

The tepezcohuite is very effective as a regenerator of damaged tissue by activating the tissue recovery, as well as fungicide and bacteriostatic, preventing infections associated. Can be used in the athlete's foot and other fungal skin. It can also relieve many skin problems, sunburn, varicose ulcers, fistulas, scars, psoriasis, herpes zolster, etc. withouth documented serious side effects.

Tepezcohuite cream helps heal and improve common skin problems such as:

  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • burns
  • scars
  • acne
  • striae
  • wrinkles
  • etc...
Tepezcohuite cream

Tepezcohuite cream also improves chapped lips within days.

Tepezcohuite cream is especially suitable for skin damaged and in need of a major regeneration.

Dosage: Apply a layer of cream over the desired area, massaging gently, you can apply as many times as necessary to promote the healing properties.

The tepezcohuite cream enjoys excellent reputation as a skin regenerator, for its ability to reduce wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, burns, stains generated by the years, the sun, varicose veins and pregnancy.

Helps replenish the essential nutrients for the skin and is very useful after exposure to sunlight or other external agents such as wind or cold.

It is used as an analgesic, bacteriostatic, fungal, refreshing and stimulating skin regeneration, and as a tissue repair activator.

Its used for burns, ulcers, injuries (it has been used as a healing after plastic surgery), scald, ringworm, blotches, sunburn, acne scarring, ichthyosis, and psoriasis.

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