Tepezcohuite lotion

The tepezcohuite lotion break the fall and treat various scalp problems such as dandruff or excessive formation of fat

Tepezcohuite hair lotion

Tepezcohuite is used to give strength and consistency. Suitable for all hair types.

Tepezcohuite hair lotion: effective against hair loss

One of the most widespread uses of tepezcohuite is regenerating skin in cases of burns or serious injury of the skin, and scalp regenerator.

His incredible regenerative capacity of the cells of the hair root helps stop hair loss invigorating development. The bioflavonoids and tannins prevent the decomposition of substances with antioxidant function that can be maintained clean and healthy hair.

Tepezcouite hair lotion prevents hair loss and even promote the growth of new hair.

Sold as a lotion that is applied directly to the hair.

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